September 6th, 2016


A Grounded Spirituality Check-In:


I know what you’re thinking:

“WTF did I just click on? Is this some kind of weird hippie-dippy woo woo?”

Don’t worry—the answer to that is NO.

This is not Hogwarts and you are not on platform “9 and ¾”.

This is not magic.

This is not “heady” philosophy.

This is not religion.

(Although, it certainly can relate and serve as compliment to any/all of the three- but only if you want to make the relationship and correlation.)

One of the core belief values within the Butisattva community is that

you can truly only be as spiritual as you are grounded.

We call this Practical Spirituality:

The belief that in order for us to fully and authentically embody anything “spiritual”, we must simply define and evaluate “spirituality” as energetic awareness.

The fundamental rule of quantum physics is that everything is Energy. So, no, we’re not talking hippie dippie woo-woo.  We’re talking science.

It’s only from this rooted place and perspective that we can start evaluating our own energy (micro level) as well as the energy around us (macro level).

This is authentic, grounded, and embodied spirituality.

The Buti Tribe has tools available to us to help us realign and center our own energetic bodies on the micro level.

From the practice itself, to clean eating guidelines, to chakra diagnostics and the BREAK method, these energetic “hacks” allow transformational development to occur within us.

This is where it all begins—but certainly not where it ends.  

We also have to pay attention to what’s going on around us.

Micro & Macro make the mix.

When we “feel” mercury retrograde, or sense that “something is up in the stars”, it’s simply us perceiving energetic flux within our ecosystem.

I hate to break it to anyone who thought they had been gifted a sixth sense: intuition is really just the ability to tune in and focus on energy. This “superpower” is accessible to anyone, so long as they’re paying attention to it.

So back to this portal.

Let’s just say it: cosmic shi(f)t is too real and too gnarly right now.
If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, all kinds of crazy, and like the apocalypse is upon you, don’t panic. Rest assured that you are fine, well, and not alone. I repeat: Nothing is wrong.

What “it” Is:

It’s more than just mercury going retrograde or planetary shifts. We have reached a very special and interesting conjunction both astrological and karmic in nature that allows us, as a collective, to have a full system reboot.

What does that mean?

Simply put: If life is a computer, we’ve reached system overload and are hitting the restart button. It’s time to clean up the hard drive, debug any virus infected software, and make our “desktop” look pretty so we can run clean and new at optimal efficiency.

Okay, but—Portal?

This is a long restart and reboot.

To be specific:

The “restart” button was pushed down starting on September 1st with the Solar Eclipse. The buildup has been a long time coming, but this was the first actionable transition step. The pressure won’t be let off of the “restart” button until right around/on September 9th.

“Reboot” will follow right after for about one week, until the lunar eclipse on September 16th.

Hence the “portal”: a window of time in which we are having a huge and monumental reset.


How Does This Affect Me & What Do I Need to Do?

Energy affects everyone differently, but here are some of the common symptoms being picked up on:

In general, expect WEIRD to happen:

  • Emotions on high
  • Lack of energy/ extreme fatigue/ restlessness
  • Feelings of being somehow “lost”
  • Weird flashbacks to childhood
  • Dreams that don't make sense and aren't logical
  • Physical symptoms of dizziness or nausea

Also, due to the retrograde, expect lots of “going backward to move forward”.

People and situations from your past may come up. Take careful time and consideration in these circumstances, and look at them as opportunities for growth and/or a second chance.

Don’t panic or freak out.

Without knowing it, you are in the perfect place and exactly where you need to be to move on from this moment. The future is actually limitless. You are being given a clean slate to make or create however you wish to.

Do I Have to Do Anything?

DUH. As always, it’s your responsibility to take on an active role in your life. During this sensitive time, this role comes in the form of

EVALUATION & ACTION: It's time to step back and take a look at what you’ve been going through and got going on.

Shed off anything and everything that doesn't serve your highest self. Pay attention and use your tools. Take things being perceived as negatives and "no's" not as disasters, but as arrows pointing you down the yellow brick road in the right direction. Focus on what you like, what’s working, and what makes you feel good. Figure out and envision how you plan to move forward nourishing those things.

This is an exciting opportunity to step into new territory and let go of any baggage and weight you don’t want to take with you. 

Tools to Leverage:

  • Buti Yoga
  • The BREAK method
  • Chakra alignment/ check in
  • Rest. Recovery.
  • Nourishment in the form of all kinds of self-love.

When Is This Sh*t Over?

Mercury goes direct between the 21st and the 22nd, right in time for the autumnal equinox. October is looking like a big great celebration.

Until then:

Focus. Envision. Take Action— Trust.


Hang tight Butisattvas, we’re going to come out of this on top.

Signing Off,

Bella LaQuatra

The GenY Gypsy//@bellalaquatra



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Bizzie Gold


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Nadiya Sandhu
Nadiya Sandhu

November 16, 2017

I can totally relate to the above mentioned..thanx,coz I feel reassured somehow.

Kayla Flores
Kayla Flores

August 24, 2017

Mercury going retrograde really seemed to mess my shit up, but after reading this, I feel much better knowing there are others in this with me. I appreciate you taking the time to scribe this out — the feelings i’ve been going through are outlined in detail in this post. Childhood flashbacks, odd dreams, strange feelings of “lostness” Yeah, all the things. I’m definitely going to be taking the advice in this article and focus on my creative and positive vibes, and continue with smooth sailing. Peace

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