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 October 16th-30th, 2020



Join us for an immersive 200 HR YTT experience in Scottsdale, AZ! Certify in Buti, Hot Buti and Vinyasa Flow with
, a two-week journey that will change your life forever led by Lead Master Teacher Trainer Britt Hodgen. Hosted in sunny Scottsdale, home of Buti HQ, where you can relax poolside during our perfect fall. Enjoy the beautiful home “real world” style.

Our immersions offer two weeks of GROWTH, a unique experience of in-depth training and deep connections with your YTT tribe. Growing each Butisattva on every level, you are here for a reason and this experience will have all the magic of Buti community.

Destination location plus a gourmet lunch and dinner prepared GF/DF for you. Option to Wake and Shake with Golden Ratio for breakfast.

Meals will be prepared by Jason Sani, Licensed Nutritionist and Trainer.

Jason Sani is the author of Making Healthy Taste Good. As a licensed nutritionist and trainer, Jason coaches high-level executives, physicians, professional athletes, families and your every day individual helping people reach their potential by creating more clarity and a better mindset around behavior, nutrition, and mindset. 

For more than 10 years Jason has learned from traveling for months at a time and living in hotels to hosting retreats and workshops. Jason brings a unique and interactive experience that uncovers and finds solutions for limiting factors all while mixing education with actionable entertainment.

Jason's workshops and menus are designed around conscious comfort foods utilizing functional ingredients that pack flavor and nourishment. 

Save your spot ASAP - Space is VERY limited!

Your Registration Includes:

  • 15 nights/14 days lodging at a beautiful home 
  • Specially prepared grain-free/dairy-free lunch and dinner on training days
  • 200 HR YTT program eligible for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 designation in Buti, Hot Buti + Vinyasa Flow
  • All YTT course material
  • A day off to explore Arizona


Our Yoga Alliance accredited program certifies you to teach Vinyasa Flow,  Hot Yoga and Buti® Yoga. Upon successful completion of the program, testing and demonstration you will receive your 200 HR YTT certificate to be eligible for YA 200 RYT designation.


This dynamic yoga methodology focuses on the interconnectedness between the physical body ( anatomy & physiology)emotional body(socio-emotional development through the lens of Chakra Diagnostics) and energetic body ( Chakra system, Nadis, Koshas and their connection to the endocrine system ).  Throughout the 5 month program, we teaching concepts and tools via visual, auditory and kinesthetic means to ensure proper assimilation of knowledge for all students. 

We consistently relate our yogic knowledge back to Chakra diagnostics to emphasize the interconnectedness of physical, psychological and energetic structures involved in the practice. We empower students to breakthrough self-destructive patterns that may affect their day to day lives as well as inevitably impact their leadership skills as a yoga practitioner. 

Unit 1 begins with The Practice + History of Yoga—students understand and discuss yoga lineages and the unique qualities that define each style. We then move to Yoga- The Effects on the Systems of the Human Body, including an overview of how each bodily system is affected by the practice of Yoga. In Breathing + Beyond, we explore pranayama and the basic principles of physical and energetic anatomy. Unit 1 concludes with 2-Days of Buti Certification.

We begin Unit 2 exploring each Yoga Pose and Sanskrit. The  Foundations of Hatha Yoga are reviewed pose by pose including Standing, Seated and Twisting Poses. Students will be tested on both energetic + physical anatomy in this Unit. We then dive deeper dive into the Chakra system including Chakras, Koshas and Nadis and their relationship with the nervous and endocrine systems. Unit 2 focus is on static anatomy and physiology; identification methods tested are physical touch and visual through fill-in-the-blank. Common misalignments and how to correct form for each pose in our Foundations of Hatha section will be taught and practiced in pairs along with building the foundation for proper cueing.

Unit 3 delves deeper into movement anatomy and physiology. We begin to understand how physical structures interact with energetic structures in the application and practice of dynamic asana.Students will also complete a  body pathology segment which helps students learn how to scan posture and alignment to determine muscle weakness, injury or postural abnormality. Unit 3 will finish with pose prescription, sequencing and hands-on adjustments. Demonstration of concepts taught will be conducted in pairs.

Unit 4 begins with student volunteers for the Chakra Diagnostics work with Directed Storytelling®. Upon completion and socratic-method discussion, the course moves on to Leadership Styles + Application. This unit empowers students to determine what type of teacher they wish to become and which leadership style best suits their goal. We compare and contrast yoga teachers from past to present to gain a deeper understanding of the spectrum of yoga instruction. On day 3 of this unit, we focus Thai Massage and savasana adjustments and etiquette. Students focus their time on creative sequencing and practice for their final testing unit. 

Unit 5 begins with a half day of concept review and a half day Inversion Workshop I to teach effective cueing and assistance during inversion practice. Students explore muscle testing and engagement with a partner. The Final Exam takes place over 2 days and includes teaching demo, cumulative written exam and partner cueing and adjustment assessment.


PAYMENT TYPES (Please READ carefully)

All of the below include:

14 Day 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Immersion (Certify In: Buti Yoga, Hot Buti, Vinyasa Flow), Lodging for 13 Nights, 2 GF/DF Meals/Day, All Course Materials 

PAY IN FULL: $4,400 

2 PAYMENT PLAN: 2 Payments of $2,200 (One payment now, other payment due prior to training) Totaling $4,400.

3 PAYMENT PLAN: 3 Payments of $1,466.50.(One payment now, other 2 due prior to training) Totaling $4,400.

All of the rooms/beds are shared.  Airfare is not included.

**** Check-in: October 16th at 4:00pm - Check-out: October 30th at 10:00am

**** Payment Plans are limited to 2 and 3 payments. Pricing does NOT include airfare or car rental (if applicable), i.e. Travel not included.

**** Any deposit or payment made is not transferable/refundable.